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    #FeedYourOUTside with Camp Chef

    There’s a hunger in you. A craving. Can you feel it? And while it might not be a survival instinct, it keeps you alive as much as any meal. It’s a hunger to be outside, with no filters between yourself and the world. It’s a craving for honest connections and raw adventures, whether on your back porch or in the middle of the mountains. For the scent of smoke on a playful summer breeze. For the taste of mountain pines mingled with blackened fish. For the echo of campfire stories off steep canyon walls.

    That’s what #FeedYourOUTside is all about. Escape, eat, repeat.

    Share how you #FeedYourOUTside by using the hashtag, and you could win an Ultimate Tailgating package with all the tools you need for your next escape!